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Essential Oils-Grapefruit White Clearance Sale 4oz
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Grapefruit - White - citrus racemosa - Cold Press - France

Scent: Grapefruit gives an uplifting and multi-faceted component to any blend I put it in, it seems to linger in the air to give it that extra little *ummphh* that gives life to the *scentsational* experience. In one word – FRESH! In two words – CLEAN :0)

NOTE: I have no proof, but I read somewhere that in a poll, women wearing a grapefruit scent were presumed to be younger by passers-by asked to guess their age.

Blends to try: I like grapefruit with any citrus, it is delicious with lavender. Also said to blend well with rosemary, sage, tangerine, vanilla and cypress. I’d like to try it with some other conifers such as douglas fir and juniperberry. See headache blend idea below.

Uses: Used in acne blends, athlete’s foot, for oily skin, to tighten the skin and aid in hair growth.. It is said to aid in stiff muscles, detoxification, to increase circulation, and as an environmental disinfectant.

Also for use in headaches (It is amazing blended with lavender/lime/eucalyptus with a touch of mint. I used it in a salt scrub and it did help relieve a very bad headache) and said to relieve PMS, nervous exhaustion and jet lag (I’m assuming due to it’s uplifting *feel good* characteristics, it always surprises me)

Safety: Treat this oil as having the potential for sensitization (as with all oils really) and label it with a warning for people wth sensitive skin and use it on the lower end of the scale as % of end product. This is easily done as it really doesn’t take much to work it’s magic. Phototoxic.

See essential oil dilution chart.



Mountain Rose Herbs is a founding company with many years experience in providing a large selection of quality organic herbs and natural skin care supplies located within the United States.

Certified Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil


From Nature With Love offers a full range of natural skin care ingredients and soap making supplies. The problem will be not so much do they have it as what should I choose?

White Grapefruit Essential Oil
Organic Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil – Cold Pressed
Organic Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil – USA
Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil – Israel
Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil – USA


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