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About Us


Hi. My name is Janice Ferrante, owner and founder of Skincare Naturals.

I live in 'cottage country', about 3 hours north of Toronto, ON, Canada with my 3 children who have grown up over the past 10 years along with Skincare Naturals.

As they have gone through stages and growth, so have we!

Some of you have been with SKN as I like to call us for almost the entire ride - I can't tell you how fantastic it has been to have you along.

I've been a 'green girl' as far back as I can remember - as a child I remember switching off lights to save electricity, trying to grow a garden when I got a little older and sipping herb tea as a teen long before it became fashionable. (As I write this I have just finished celebrating my 47th birthday.)

I’ve always been a person who prefers to “do it yourself”, rather than buy a fancy “store bought” item, be it furniture, food or skin care.

It’s a lot more fun, you get to contribute your own special touch, and unleash the flow of creativity that makes life so much more interesting and unique.

Something that seems to be sadly missing these days - although I am seeing us come full circle as people everywhere are feeling the need to take back control of the quality of own lives, to get back to what's real and to what works - woohoo!!

I'll be here for us all the way!

But when I first got interested in making my own soap and using raw, natural ingredients for our skin care, it was primarily because of the ability it gave me to make it without chemicals, to make something pure.

Something good for my skin, for my family’s skin… and not only that… good for the environment as well.

And that has to last a long time for my children’s sake, and their children’s sake… and so on and so on.

Being able to offer the ability for you to do the same thing seemed like a calling. Things blossomed from there and here we are!


When I first opened the business, my children were 3, 8 and 10.

I remember well playing beat the clock to have orders in to the post office by 3:00 when the mail truck goes out and to be back home by 3:30 when my two oldest got off the bus from school - my youngest got to come for the ride! Or finishing up the orders on my list before we went most places so that I could drop them before we went.

They say that behind every great man is a great woman, I can tell you that behind Skincare Naturals there are 3 great kids who have each contributed in their own special way - sometimes without even realizing it.

As a matter of fact, my first Skincare Naturals logo had a picture of my daughter that she took herself when she was playing outside. She used to call it her website :0)

And maybe they were my motivation to begin something that I am quite proud of - and of all of you who have supported us and made it possible.

Times have sure changed, now what was once my precious cargo are often the couriers of yours as they go out more than I do! (My son is now 20, my oldest daughter is 18 and my 'baby' is 13 - time sure flies when you're having fun!)

And my daughters can often be found giving me a hand to get your orders out the door faster - good times!


At Skincare Naturals it is not just about natural beauty and healthy skin, although that is a big part of it.

It is about having the opportunity to support good health, to provide sustainable environmental choices, to take back  responsibility and sustainability through the choices you and I make every day - both for ourselves and for our children.

10 years later, and we are still here with lots of even better things coming to help you to choose and use pure and natural skin care ingredients - to help you to do your part in reducing the synthetic pollution of the world and our bodies and to keep it clean for your kids and their kids - and so on!

The biggest thrill is that we can make the truly “natural skin care” option possible for you, and to make your shopping experience a good one.

At Skincare Naturals, through making healthy choices for ourselves, and responsible choices for the environment… for ourselves and our children, we are all truly beautiful today… and tomorrow!


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