"The thing that I've always liked about homemade natural skin care is that I know what I'm putting on my skin."

Janice Ferrante 
 Owner - Skincare Naturals
 Since 2001 - Burks Falls, ON Canada

Welcome to Skincare Naturals!

I hope that you enjoy browsing around, learning about new - and old - raw, natural ingredients that are good for your skin, the environment and your pocket book.

You will find a variety of programs designed to make Skincare Naturals 'the' place you always come back to for your natural beauty, healthy home and skin care needs.

A lot has changed over the years since I first began Skincare Naturals but one thing has become even more clear. 

Chemical pollution is effecting our earth and our health. What was once theory is becoming reality - and you can choose not to 'buy into that mess' with every dollar you spend, either here or at another natural establishment.

Don't be fooled. There is so much 'pseudo natural' out there. 

Along with quality pure natural products - customer care and top notch customer service is one of our top priorities here - I personally guarantee it.

If you have a problem, just let me know and I will take care of you.

You can read more about us and our 15 years of dedicated service here (time flies when you are having fun!).

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 Meantime, if you want to grab a great hardcopy soapmaking book, I highly recommend our new in stock Super Naturally Soapmaking Books.

I have been wanting to get these for a long time!

You can see why for yourself here...

Super Naturally Soapmaking Books (from the authors of Soap Naturally,

also known as the Soapmaker's Bible).

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In a world where 'natural' has become a buzzword, because the savvy corporations know that it's what the people want but it's a little more challenging to deliver large scale (and sometimes small) and turn a huge profit, it becomes harder to know what to buy.

At Skincare Naturals we source pure natural ingredients that you can purchase in raw form or as a finished product (in the Farmer's Market section), such as body butter and soaps scented with pure essential oils - no synthetic fragrance is ever used here!

Please note, as of October 05 I am sold out of handmade soaps etc so you won't find anything listed there - but I am busy restocking and should have a new selection for you in a few weeks. Be sure to check back for Christmas!

If you are in the Burks Falls area, I will be posting a listing of Craft Sales that I will be attending.


Me at the Burks Falls Farmers Market

Check out the Farmer's Market area on the sidebar to see the latest in this year's line up available for purchase and postal delivery online!

And sometimes the personal touch is hard to find.

Skincare Naturals is a small, family owned business. I'm happy to say that my daughter will be helping me out this year. 

As a teenager she has seen great results in switching to 'mom's stuff' after years of rebelling with 'the other stuff' and having problem skin to show for it. (sigh)

As a young adult, she refuses to use synthetics on her skin.


Got a problem? A request?

I'm only an email away.

(And I'm the boss, so I can bend the rules at a moments notice :0)


Your Grab Bag Freebie: With each order over $25.00 you will receive what I like to call a 'grab bag freebie'. This has been a popular feature for customers over the years and I truly enjoy the thought of the happy surprizes for all of you over the years.

I try to choose something that goes with your order, if you want to let me know what you are making in the comment section when you order, it will help me to make the best selection. It's up to you!

Points: One of the reasons that I chose the current cart system is because it offers me the opportunity to give frequent shoppers reward points. It is important to me to show my appreciation for all of you who support me and the Skincare Naturals business and to help you to make it easier to make the natural choice.  The more you shop the more you save!


Check out the Farmer's Market area on the sidebar to see the latest in this year's line up available for purchase and postal delivery online!

Me at the Burks Falls Farmers Market



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All pricing is in Canadian Dollars.

I'm very excited to be able to offer you these fantastic programs - stay tuned to see what's coming up!


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