Unscented Coconut Lotion Recipe

This unscented Coconut Lotion recipe gives the benefit of a skin soothing, handmade lotion along with the beautiful natural fragrance of coconut. 
It could be a treat to anyone with sensitivities to scent, either synthetic or essential oils, if you're tired of going with unscented lotions and skin care products all the time. 
Unscented Coconut Lotion Recipe 
  • 10g mango or shea or other butter       
  • 15g virgin coconut de creme or virgin coconut oil
  • 13g natramulse
  • 6g stearic acid
  • 2g lactic acid
  • 3oz distilled water or tea
  • 3.85oz chamomile or rose hydrosol (distilled water can be used in place of the floral water)
  • a few drops of hydrolized milk protein or venasilk
  • touch of iridescent glitter if desired
Put stearic acid into a large pyrex measuring cup. Place this in a pot of water on medium heat. Add the ewax when the stearic acid is almost melted.
Take off heat and add the shea butter. When all is liquid place back on heat for a minute to add the virgin coconut de creme, then the nutri oil.
Remove from heat.
While the oils are melting, warm the distilled water and glycerine to
roughly the same temps as the oils. (keep the oils as low as possible but not so low that the stearic acid solidifies again) When the oils mixed thoroughly slowly add and mix distilled water.
Wait until the last minute possible (coolest temps) to add the hydrosol very slowly so that the scent is retained. Add the hydrolized milk protein at this time.
I am playing with using tea's instead of plain water, I think Linden or Chamomile might be good in this recipe?
If you're using a preservative, add according to manufacturer's instructions and bottle into clean bottles.
Slather all over yourself and SNIFF :0)
I am working on a version of this recipe in cream form. Also I think it  would be great with unrefined cocoa butter but if you're using it in the  lotion version you may want to adjust the stearic acid a touch. I'll post as soon as I've played :0)

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