Luscious Lip Balm Recipe

I fiddled and fiddled with this lip balm recipe until I got it just right.
You can substitute your favourite oils and butters, if you have a favourite recipe, send it on in and I'll be happy to post it.
Luscious Lip Balm Recipe
  • .5oz beeswax
  • 1oz cocoabutter (adding .1oz will give you a heavier balm suitable for outdoors in the wintertime)
  • .2oz castor oil
  • .3oz sweet almond oil
  • .2oz refined avocado
  • .2oz hempseed,rosehipseed or emu oil
  • very small glump of natural vitamin e
  • very small glump of vegetable glycerin - optional
OPTIONAL: 25 drops of essential oil. You can adjust to your preference.
Some oils such as peppermint can cause irritation in large amounts so you  can use less of these. And don't forget that citrus essential oils can be  photosensitizing if you wear them in the sun (they can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight), one reason I like to keep the dilution low.

You can double it if you'd like to make a great perfume stick, I love the freshness of the citrus oils and it is wonderful for young girls, just be sure to post the safety warnings your label.
NOTE: If you add lip safe mica's to your base, always wear a dust mask. If you happen to have a beam of sunlight come through your window when you're  working with them, you'll notice millions of tiny particles in the air.
These are irritating to the respiratory system. Keep your kids away or  require them to wear a mask as well if they're in the work area.
How To Make Lip Balm - Recipe Instructions and basic method to make lip balm recipe.

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