How To Make Lip Balm

When learning how to make lip balm, there are many methods that you can use. Here is one that I find works for me.  
How To Make Lip Balm
Many of you already have your lip balm making methods down to a science.
This is the way I have been doing it and I find it seems to work quite
First I wash a tin can and then fill to the brim with boiling water to be sure it's completely clean. Let it sit for awhile, dump while hot and
place in 275º oven until dry. You can do a bunch of these at a time and store in a sealed plastic bag for future use.
Squeeze the can so that you have a pour spout. Put your lip balm tubes together, securing them with an elastic band. Set them on a plate.
Measure the beeswax into your can. You can also add the cocoabutter. I usually add mine after the beeswax is melted.
Place the can in a pot of boiling water, similar to a double boiler
And remember, all oils are flammable, this is why we use the double boiler system, never heat your oils over direct heat.
If you have a problem keeping the can upright, you can place something else in the pot to help secure it, just be careful if it is glass to warm it gradually so it doesn't crack.
I find that keeping the lid on and bending it backwards will help hook it onto the pot as well.
After both solids are melted, I take the can out of the water, and place on my scale. I keep a small plate with a dish cloth over it to absorb any dripping water.
Tare your scale, then add the castor oil, give it a stir and then add your sweet almond, stir then add the avocado, stir then add your specialty oil.
I stir (again) and wait a bit but not long enough for the base to start to solidify, then add the vitamin e and glycerin.
NOTE: The glycerin can be a problem, like honey, to mix if the temps are too high, you have to be sure to stir often.
I add it to give a wee bit of sweetness as well as for it's humectant qualities, but it can be a bit of a pain to work with, especially if you use too much in your recipe.
You may have some settle to the bottom resulting in the last tubes to be poured being sweeter and sometimes with pockets in them. If your making these for yourself it's not too serious, but if selling, it may be a good idea to watch the end of the batch, I usually keep these ones for myself.
When pouring from the pot be sure to wipe the bottom of the can to avoid getting water into the lip tube.
It may be necessary to remelt the base as you are pouring, it solidifies quickly.
Luscious Lip Balm Recipe

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