100% Coconut Soap Recipe

I was quickly a fan of the 100% coconut oil soap recipe from the first time I tried it.
100% coconut oil soap gives you a hard bar with tons of lather, what is not to like?
I am becoming more convinced that mixed with the right oils in the right way, a large % of coconut is not necessarily a bad thing in a soap recipe as is the common information circulating around the internet (sidenote- personally, I found palm to be far more drying and scum forming so I avoid it as a general rule).

I have been playing with another version adding some refined shea, 1 -3 oz. I haven't included the details here, I find it slightly more conditioning and I don't think the superfat % if 15 us a large problem using refined shea butter (it is such a stable ingredient).
You can recalculate the lye to your preference as to amount of butter used. I want to do a lot more experimenting with this recipe.
Note: The coconut oil used in this recipe is virgin coconut or virgin coconut de creme. It gives a pure white soap with a slight scent, not exactly like coconut, but there is a scent in the final soap.  
You can use coconut oil RBD, but the soap is not as white, and I do find it to be more harsh.  I love to make this recipe with RBD coconut oil, less superfat and a bit of castor oil for dish soap, nothing cleans my stainless steel sink like it (also the bath tub with a bit of baking soda and a good scrubby sponge).
100% Coconut Soap Recipe
  • 16oz Virgin Coconut de Creme
  • 2.5oz lye (superfatted at 15%)        
  • 5oz water
I mixed this as usual then molded it in one of those plastic divider
things you can get in the hardware store and put it in the oven. 
I have found that I don't prefer this recipe done in the crock pot, it gets too hard to fix up after I take it out of the mold. (I find the fixing up to be necessary with most of my crock pot soap, it is easier with softer recipes)
I just made my batch last night so it is very new and I still think needs to sit a bit.
BUT it is a beautiful soap! It's very smooth, hard, white, bubbly and I used it in the shower and it didn't dry me out at all, even though I just made it last night and doesn't pass the tongue test to my
So I am expecting good things from this bar in a week or two. I did try to swirl it with gold mica so I can't swear that you will get a matte white, it looks like it could be slightly marbled with a translucent quality, but I can't really tell with this batch, I'm going to do another one to see.
Note: I've since done quite a bit of this recipe. It is excellent in fancy molds because it is so hard.  I find it never does seem to pass the tongue test, I've come to the conclusion that it isn't the lye, it is just that it tastes awful!
I originally came upon the above recipe when Diane posted it to the Soap Naturally mail list. They have a site chock full of resources and you can join the mail list there too. The list mom is co-author of the Soap Naturally Book, one of the most comprehensive soap making books on the market.


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