Body Butter Recipes

The following body butter recipes are all variations of the same body butter recipe to give you some idea of the ease and endless possibilities you'll find in making your own natural body care products.

Using choice ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and select nutritive carrier oils and essential oils, you can make it perfectly suited to your own liking.

All it takes is one good idea and some time to play.

Splender in the Grass Body Butter

I've listed a few variations of essential oils that you can add to scent this body butter recipe, unscented it has a very subtle *green* smell to it due to the base oils used. The essential oils I've listed will give you a slight variation on this theme. If you aren't interested in obtaining this scent, you can sub other base and essential oils.

This body butter, in my mind is made to order for anyone who is heavily into natural and *green*. I added liquid chorophyl to obtain a deeper green, you can make it without for a very light green/golden colour, which may be more attractive to some :0)

.5 oz carnauba or beeswax

1 oz refined cocoa butter

.5 oz unrefined shea

1 oz unrefined hempseed oil

1 oz jojoba oil (or 2oz hempseed)

1 tsp nutrasorb

a few drops vitamin e


Bronze Goddess Body Butter

1oz Unrefined Cocoa Butter

.5oz shea butter

.5oz natural beeswax

2oz golden jojoba oil

3/4 tsp nutrasorb

smidgen of bronze mica

a few drops vitamin e


Golden Goddess Body Butter

1oz Refined Cocoa Butter

.5oz shea butter

.5oz white beeswax pastules

2oz golden jojoba or kukui oil

a few drops vitamin e

3/4 tsp nutrasorb (optional, gives a smoother less greasy feel)

smidgen of gold mica

English Chamomile Essential Oil (I know this oil may not be easy to come by, Roman Chamomile can be substituted. I'm hoping to have some in stock soon, it's expensive but absolute heaven if you like chamomile)


Pure Goddess Body Butter - You Glow Girl!

.8oz Refined Cocoa Butter

.5oz ultra refined shea

.4oz white beeswax pastules

1.2oz virgin coconut de creme

1.1oz coconut nutri oil

a few drops vitamin e

3/4 tsp nutrasorb (optional)

smidgen of irredescent glitter to taste :0) I sprinkle it directly onto the parts of the mold that I want the lotion bar to have, it works beautifully.

This body butter recipe is excellent for those who don't like added scent, it smells great all by itself. Another variation is to use all or part Unrefined Cocoa Butter and Golden Beeswax. I'm experimenting with complimentary eo's. I'd love to hear any suggestions.
Body Butter Recipes - Ingredient Notes

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