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Continuing from the body butter recipes page are some ingredient notes that I kept while making the butters that you may find to be helpful.

WAXES: I find beeswax easier to work with for these body butter recipes because I like to keep the temps as low as possible although either one can be substituted. I have been working on butters that don't contain any wax. They are  easier to make and a very light consistency.

OILS: I haven't tried it yet but I was also told by a reliable source that it is best to melt your butters separately then combine them. It would be something worth experimenting with, I find that I do prefer to add the less stable oils last when making anything to protect the beneficial elements of the oil as best as possible from the heat. Some oils stand up better to it than others.

Oils and butters can be substituted and percentages changed to better suit yourself. I like to use oils that absorb quickly (jojoba and fractionated coconut are my favourites because they are light and effective, nut oils are heavenly for something with a little more oomph) but any oil can be used and even preferred depending on the effect your looking for. Virgin Coconut de Creme is one of my favourites due to the fresh coconut scent, you just can't get that naturally anywhere else (that I know of!)

SHEA BUTTERS: I'm now carrying an assortment of unrefined shea butter as well as ultra refined shea butter, there is something to suit every taste and every body butter recipe! The best way to find out which you like is to order a sample pack and tweak the recipes to your own preference.

GLYCERIN: Depending on the final effect you are looking for, only a small amount of glycerin is needed (I use more for foot butters). It may not even be necessary to get the smoothness, I haven't tried it without yet, the trick is possibly the temps and whipping and the cornstarch helps consistency as well. Anyway, the glycerin can be tricky sometimes, far better to mix it when the temps are as cool as possible, after the butter is starting to look like butter, but not so solid that you can't mix it. You will see what I mean :0) I've found some sitting at the bottom of the bowl once in awhile that didn't mix. The top portion was fine though. Just to let you know :0)

NUTRASORB: I was using cornstarch until I tried Nutrasorb. It is much lighter and more effective. You can use cornstarch if you don't have any nutrasorb to give a thicker constistancy and less greasy feel, it's optional and can be adjusted to your own preference.

PRESERVATION: Although as a rule to my knowledge butters and lotion bars don't need synthetic preservation, I have had one butter grow mold. I made many more at the same time with no problem so far, but the fact is that one of them did go bad. I was re using a jar, so maybe I didn't sterilize it properly, or my kids where using it too, it's possible some bacteria was introduced that way, I don't really know. But it's important to stress the importance of stringent cleanliness when making and using products with no synthetic preservatives. Also it's important to keep any water out of the mix, don't use it with wet hands etc. If your giving your products away be sure to pass this info on.

CONSISTENCY: You may find that according to your climate that you may want to adjust proportions so I would recommend a small batch first. You can also remelt and add what ever you need. I am finding as the winter is coming on here, that I think I will start mixing with a slightly higher proportion of oil as our house is a touch cool (unless my husband has a few too many coffees and gets carried away with the wood stove!)

COMMENTS: These body butter recipes take a bit longer to soak in than a lotion but they are by far my favourite choice for supreme skin softening capabilities, especially on really rough spots like feet and elbows. They are great for fingernails and to use as a skin barrier when washing dishes or swimming too.

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