Simple Summertime Skin Care Tips

We can all use simple summertime skin care tips to enjoy the summer with no muss or no fuss and no sore, dry skin!
We have to be extra careful when exposing our skin to the sun, every year it seems to be more intense. 

Here are some tips to keep your skin in shape this summer.

1. The most effective and important way in which to shield your skin from the sun’s rays is by using sunscreen and staying out of the sun between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm. When I was young(er), about 100 years ago, it was 1 – 3 pm. Scary thought.

Make sure to choose a sunscreen that blocks both UBA and UVA rays.  Use at least an SPF of 15 and apply it frequently – 30 minutes before going out, every 2 hours when outdoors and right after swimming or exercising. Check the expiry date on your sunscreen before using. Remember your lips and wear lipbalm with sunblock! (find lip balm site or link to lip balm info page). At least we don't need to wear tin foil underwear yet :0)

2. Wear brimmed hats and light colored clothing to cover your arms and legs.  Learn to enjoy the shade, even if you are a sun monger (like me, I’m still working on that one.) Wear sunglasses with UV protection when exposed to the sun to help protect your eyes.

3. Do not use strong abrasives on your skin.  Cleanse your skin with warm water and mild soap (see the benefits of handmade soap below).

Avoid exfoliating products, which can cause small tears. These tears can lead to dark spots on your skin when exposed to the sun. Instead, try a natural exfoliator like a mixture of organic honey and a gentle clay.  Click here to build your own face mask.

4. For sensitive skin, try not to use harsh products whose chemicals can cause irritation to your skin. This is a number one reason that handmade soap is such a summertime skin care must have.

You can make it, or buy it completely free from synthetic ingredients such as fragrance and colour, 2 ingredients that can be extremely irritating. Also, it retains the glycerin that is natural to soap.  It is taken out of commercial bars, leaving it much harsher to the skin.

5. Use a moisturizer on your skin.  A unique and fun product that you can’t easily find in stores but you can make is a body butter or solid lotion bar. These are 100% oils, so they are very effective on dry skin but you can make them without preservatives or other additives often found on the cosmetic shelves.  Body butters will not only protect your skin by creating a very effective barrier, they are well known for preventing it from becoming too dry. You can add your own sun protecting ingredients for an extra boost if you like as well.

6. When sunbathing, use the sunscreen particularly on the most sensitive parts of your body such as shoulders, back of your legs, and neck as these areas are most vulnerable. When shopping for makeup, look for foundations and moisturizers that have sunblock already added in

7. Gently remove makeup with cotton balls so as to not to irritate the area around your eyes. suggests using a soap-free cleanser and alcohol-free toner as a makeup remover if you have oily skin in the summer.

8. When bathing or showering, it is important not to completely rid your body of its natural oils.  Therefore, don’t vigorously dry your body with a towel, but simply pat it dry and add moisturizer afterwards. If you strip your body of these oils, it will work twice as hard to replace them.

9. Before you prepare to shave your legs and underarms, use any of the shaving creams or lotion products available.  A cheap alternative is to use hair conditioner or make your own shaving lotion. The fun thing about making it yourself is that you can customize the ingredients to your own liking. Besides that, it's fun!

10. Drink more water. Because we sweat to keep cool, adding more water to your diet will help your body re-hydrate. And your skin will retain a healthy glow instead of the dried out lizard look that “some” of us are familiar with. (water on blog link)

If you follow these tips to keep your skin in shape this summer, you will be able to enjoy the summer activities you have planned without the worry of the effects on your skin for many years to come!


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