Selling Body Butters

I asked Stacey B to send me her story after reading her post about it.
She graciously agreed so you can scroll to the end to see her hillarious experience selling foot butter. Her delivery is rivalled by none!
Hey all, I have one account at a fancy dancy Day Spa that is  conveniently located 1 1/2 blocks from my house (lucky me!).

Anyway, I brought up some soaps and salt scrubs to the owner
about 2 hours ago.
She introduced me to her new masseuse who
is from Iceland. Pretty young gal, blonde hair, and a really cute accent.
The owner said I looked stressed (who me?) and insisted that I needed to sit down and let this new gal give me a quick 10 minute shoulder and back massage.
Heck, ya don't have to tell me twice, so I sat.
Well this young gal starts telling me in cute, broken English how she loves my soaps and scrubs. She's so happy to meet me, etc. etc.
I'm sitting there practically drooling from the massage. Then all the sudden she goes (and this is how she sounded too)
"An Ole LADY who I was giving the MASSAGES to used your foot budder AND SHE DIED". Immediately I stiffen up and think "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the old lady put on the foot butter, didn't put cotton socks on, took a walk, slipped, fell down, and died"!
And then I realize the girl is saying "YES, she had terrible CORNS on her feets and YOU'RE foot budder helped her and made her last few weeks nice for her".
Holy Moly, I'm glad that the foot butter helped the old woman BUT my goodness she had me scared for a second or so!
Enjoy your night all. I'm ordering in Chinese and then making up another Spa order.
Stacy B.

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