Marzipan Almond Facial Scrub

I don't know how I managed to find a dandy recipe for marzipan almond facial scrub while baking a cake, but I'm glad that I did!  You can use the base for baking too!

Funny how food and skin care always seem to go together.  (for years I lost my ability to type soup, I always typed soap and then had to fix it)

This morning my daughter and I where baking and the recipe called for almond paste. We didn't have any so I googled how to make it.

It is really quite easy. After mixing it, you need to knead it for a few minutes. I did that and after washing my hands noticed that they where much softer.

That made sense since ground almonds have always been a favourite of mine in face masks.

So of course that got me thinking that this would make a perfect face mask.

I had to thin it out a bit, so I used some rose floral water.  You may not need it if you are making a small batch with a whole egg white (or you can even try a whole egg, the yolk will add conditioning, the egg white will be firming and tightening, good for large pores)

I put it on and my daughter screamed and asked what did I do? I said put some almond paste on my face. So she said "You know you're not supposed to do that". I felt the tables where turned from when she was about 2, but she's come to expect it :0)

Sweet almond oil is also a wonderfully softening oil, very gentle and soothing and very reasonably priced. It's only downfall is that it isn't among the more stable oils, so you need to buy in smaller amounts or store the portion you are using in the fridge in a small bottle and the rest in the freezer.

You can use the almond paste as a base and add almost anything you like.  Stored in the fridge in small "lumps", it will last for a long time.
You can just take a lump out to dethaw and add to it as you see fit when you use it.

One thing I would recommend is that you wet it, again, a sprayer or floral water is nice to use, to soften it up and then wipe it into a paper towel off of your face to avoid clogging the drain. 
If you have a dog, he will probably get great pleasure from washing your face for you (I just heard that dog saliva has antibacterial properties, but that is probably getting into the realm of the extreme, besides, generally it doesn't smell too good. Dog Lick is not a flavour that I am particularly fond of.)

Also, be sure that the almonds are ground very fine, a mortar and pestle may be used, or give it an extra shot with your coffee grinder (one of my can't be without tools for skin care and baking).

When mixing your almond scrub or mask (it is really both, I have mine on my face now, it feels so soothing, and then I will wet it and do some gentle scrubbing before removing it) be sure that it is fairly thin for easy spreading.
My first try was a tad on the thick side with too much pulling when I was applying. At this stage for me, less is definitely more.

I think that the sugar really helps both to sooth and by providing natural glycolic acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that helps to gently cleanse the pores.  It is also has the smallest molecular structure, so penetrates deeply.

Sweet almond oil is also very penetrating to the skin.

All in all, a spectacular find.

Almond Paste Base Recipe

8oz almonds
8oz icing sugar (you can make this yourself by putting regular white sugar in the coffee grinder, that's what I did)
1 egg white

Grind the almonds in your coffee grinder. For skin care make sure they are very fine.  A mortar and pestle will finish the job nicely if you are ambitious.

Mix the ground almonds and ground sugar, then add the egg white.

Knead for a few minutes to make sure it is all mixed well. This will give you a thick paste.

You can freeze it for baking or skin care at this point. Do it in smaller glumps, even premeasured if you have a recipe in mind for future use.
Using Almond Paste For a Mask or Scrub

Take about a teaspoon and add your favourite wetting agent. It could be rose hydrosol (or another kind), oil - sweet almond or jojoba would be good, your favourite liquid skin care additive or even plain warm water until it is thin enough to spread without pulling.

You can also add dry ingredients such as your favourite clays, powders and muds.

You can leave it thicker if you are doing a body scrub. If you are doing this in the tub, a drain screen of some kind is probably a good idea.


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