How To Create Your Own
Essential Oil Blend Part II

Ever wondered how to create your own essential oil blend? It's not hard and it can be a lot of fun!  Put your handy professor hat on, and get ready to blend!

It's Just a Feeling...
In part one of this series on "How To Create Your Own Essential Oil Blend", we discussed the importance of getting to know the individual essential oils, both in practical terms... properties and safety for example and by nuance... the fragrance and individual "stamp" that an oil will leave in our subconscious emotional memory.

This is of tremendous help when brainstorming possibilities for a new essential oil blend.

In my experience, working within the synergy of an essential oil blend is a feel more than anything... a feel for the essential oils that you are using as well as for the finished effect that you are looking for.

It always amazes me how even the slightest adjustment can make a huge difference in the outcome.

The very first thing I always do is visualize how I want it to come out... I imagine the finished blend in a bath oil or lotion, and decide on what effect I'm looking for.

Uplifting? Deep and sensual? Fruity and fun?

The possibilities are endless, if there are any drawbacks to blending essential oils, it's not that we are limited, it's that there are so many choices!

Surprisingly enough, I find the bathtub the best place to do this (I love this job!) Or my other favourite is going for a walk in the peace and quiet and fresh air, contemplating scents, often pulling ideas from the scent and temperament of the air around me.

Ever tried a full moon blend? I haven't but it is next on my list... let me see now, my mind is already turning over ideas. What oils are bright and phosphorescent but full and mellow at the same time? That's the way to get inspired, take your cues from nature and the essence that is already around you.

As I type, it's on the tip of my brain. A light floral and maybe a mint, something fresh and tingly. With a wee hint of seduction, maybe an amber or touch of oak moss.

You may flounder for awhile with it, but suddenly it will come to you, just the scent that you are looking for. If you get stuck, now is the time to go and sample your assortment of oils to see if anything jumps out at you. Sometimes you will be amazed at how the blend will almost pull itself together.
Paper + Pen + Essential Oils
Next step... a piece of paper and a pen! Write down all of your thoughts and ideas, you may use them all or just some.

Make a list of the essential oils you'd like to try, anything that pops into your mind.

Many times I seem to do this by colour, often grouping dark essential oils together, or clear essential oils etc. But it doesn't always have to be that way either.

Are you blending for scent or therapeutic value?

Add a rough outline as to how many parts of each oil you think would go nicely. Don't write it in ink, because it will likely change!

Many times I seem inclined to choose my oils as much by colour as by scent, often grouping dark essential oils together, or clear essential oils etc. But it doesn't always have to be that way and often I will compliment the blend with a touch of a completely different essential oil.

A popular but simple example is the addition of vanilla to orange. It mellows the sharper citrus creating a scent that is much like creamsicle. On the other hand, the addition of a mint to an orange essential oil (there are many varieties available) will give a surprisingly beautiful fruity and fresh aroma, perfect for many things, especially potpourri in the kitchen and soap.
Got your ideas together? It's time to go to get to work!

Continued... Part Three


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