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Image and Presentation, Training and Education

Jane was 60 years old and had amazing skin.
She was very poised and friendly but very confident and professional. She exuded confidence and a sense of calm surrounded her.

The packaging matched the price tag and she was dressed in a nice outfit with matching accessories. It all came together to create a presentation that was believable as she obviously believed it herself.

Never forget that everything you do works together to create your presentation - the part your customer sees.
Think of it like an iceburg, there is so much going on beneath the surface, but your customer is getting a fresh view of what's showing, make it a nice view :0)
And try to keep things simple, too much distraction or decisions will stall a purchase. Try to flow from one related topic to the other, joining all in a logical fashion.  

Possibly one of the biggest things (besides her skin) that the presenter had going for her was her knowledge of her products and the fact that since

She was not manufacturing, developing and sourcing, she was focused completely on selling and marketing.

She sounded professional, she had personal knowledge, she knew what she was talking about.

She got that through training from the parent company - the team and through personal use of the products. 

If you are the chief cook and bottle washer in your company, know your product and it's ingredients inside out.

Learn everything that you can about how your business functions, including marketing. Be sure to stay focused so that you don't waste time jumping here and there and going in circles, it's easy to do these days.
Can you better your education? Take a course or two in your choosen field.
This will not only greatly expand your practical knowledge and keep you current in your industry, always a good thing... it will lend much credibility to anything you create and market. 
It's a very effective way to lift yourself up and to stand out amongst your competitors. 
People like to have confidence when they purchase... certificates and degrees give them this. Not to mention the knowledge you will have when answering questions and creating marketing materials.

If you can't learn it or would rather not spend your time on it, outsource or buy the tools so that you look professional and so that you are "out there".

As a friend of mine used to say, you can't do it without the right tools (a guy of course, but he was right).
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