10 Home Business Marketing Tips
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Sincerity, Testimonials
Recently I had the good fortune to create a list of home business marketing tips while attending an information seminar for a skin care product line.

It was especially interesting as I sat there with the unique perspective of being familiar with and having access to many of the ingredients mentioned.
I found myself looking as at the marketing style being used and how it could be applied to my own business, and anyone else selling their own products.
While listening, a few things became quite clear.  Successful companies are focused, they have a plan and they stick to it.
  • BONUS TIP: there is much to be learned from network marketing (MLM) companies in their marketing techniques.  Many of the top sellers are marketing geniuses willing to share everything they know with their downline. If there is a product that you like enough to at least buy your own, it could be worth joining to access their marketing education. - One caution to this is that you do not become so involved that it keeps you from your own business, unless of course, you enjoy it more and make more money from it!  If it's something that goes well with your own product, all the better! Be sure to check with their rules beforehand, some of these companies do not allow "side by side" selling.
Even though I have enough raw materials to last me a lifetime... even though I am paraben-phobic... even though one bottle could cost me over $50.00!... I wanted to buy something (lots of things!) by the time she was finished. What gives?


One thing was apparent, the lady, I will call her Jane, believed in her products and it showed.
I don't think that this is a huge hurdle in the handmade skin care business, of course we love the stuff, we make it! We personally decide what goes into it, which ingredients work best and have direct feedback from customers.

You can use your devotion to quality just the same as the big guys when marketing your home business. Don't be shy, learning all that you can, do work that you are proud of and let it shine through.


She was using testimonials all the way through the presentation.

All through the talk she was mentioning this person or that person
who showed actual results - reduced redness, reduced puffy lines, reduced wrinkles, oxygenates the skin well beyond what is possible through exercise etc, hydrates the skin beyond what is possible through drinking 8 glasses of water per day etc. etc.

She told stories of her partner who uses two of the products faithfully before she has her coffee in the morning, stories of her husband who uses the stuff too.

Making claims is tricky territory, but a few success stories are always a good thing!  Be sure to keep your customers testimonials and use them in your home business marketing material.
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